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High Chairs & Booster Seats

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    Features of the Chairy booster seat:- 
    ●    Suitable booster seat:- Chairy is a practical solution for your baby's first meals, from 6 to 36 months. With its wide and removable tray and comfortable seat, it will accompany your baby in discovering food. As baby weaning is trending these days and the studies prove that it helps in a baby's brain development, this product is entirely appropriate for use. 
    ●    Adjustable Height: With its easy and intuitive regulation system, Chairy can be adjusted to 4 heights to follow the baby's growth and better align with different tables. As the baby's development is relatively quick, the chair will not go waste as you can align the height according to their growth. 
    ●    Easy and safe:- The booster seat comes with a 3 point belt that is easy to install and guarantees secured safety. You need not worry for your child to trip by losing balance as the strap will hold the baby securely. 
    ●    Comfortable to use: This is so comfortable to use as a booster chair and as your baby's first chair from 12 m. Be ready to make hundreds of memories to sit with them and spend story time or playtime. The Chicco baby booster chair comes with soft clothing as the seat. It doesn't harm your baby's back and allows them to sit comfortably longer. 
    ●    Easy to carry:- If you are a traveller and want your baby to enjoy it, be carefree and opt for this baby chair, folded without disassembling any part and carrying with absolute ease. You can sit amidst the beautiful snowy mountains and chat just like at your home.
    ●    Removable lining:- The soft lining that comes with the chair can easily be removed and easily hand-washed or machine-washed. It comes with tender clothing that the quality is not spoiled even after multiple washes and doesn't leave the colour. Optimal hygiene is guaranteed for your tiny tot! 

    Product description:
    Let it be Baby Boy or Baby Girl, it comes as a unisex product, and your baby would love it! The best baby booster seat for eating is designed in black and white, making it look more attractive for your child. It is prepared with high-quality cloth for the centre as well as plastic for the stand and tray. The little bird's print on black makes it look classy and stylish. The tray is detachable and can be used while eating or playing. The firm stand makes it perfectly safe for your baby to sit. The removable soft cloth pad is also compact and ensures the baby is not glided. The 3 point belt adds a cherry to the already fantastic creation by making it safer. You can place the chair on an ordinary adult chair and tie it up with the additional belt given near the leg of the baby booster seat to ensure protection. 

    Consumer benefits:
    Practice makes perfect, so giving your baby opportunities to sit may help them gain the strength to sit independently, which you should aim for. At the same time, don't rush the natural process, and it usually takes 3-4 months for the baby to tripod sit. 
    ●    Comfortable Sitting requires controlled weight shifts from left, right, forward, and backward. It means it takes a lot of power and practice moving in all those different directions to get it right. When the Chicco baby booster seat comes into the frame, it is easy for your baby to sit. 
    ●    The baby booster seat can eliminate the risk of harming the child from sitting on the ground and make it safer. The soft paddy cushion makes it safer. 
    ●    The use of support chairs can ensure perfect safety and growth. The 3- point system makes it safe for your little one. Please don't leave the child unattended without fastening the belt as they are very restless during the early months and may end up hurting. 
    ●    The chair also doesn't hold any high chair accessories, which may become dangerous if swallowing the minor elements. As they reach 7-9 months, they will sit independently on their own on the chair, and it becomes easy for you to play with them. 

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