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      Sliding flip closure:
    The Sports Cup is fitted with a soft silicone straw that helps to keep the straw hygienic and clean. The flip closure minimizes the chances of pollutants entering, keeping it safe for the child to drink. 

    ●    Insulated Cup:
    The double-wall insulated cup helps to keep the drinks cooler for longer. In addition, the lightweight of the cup makes it a perfect friendly product for the little ones.

    ●    Spill-proof:
    Chicco Sports Cup comes with an integrated spill-proof system that allows the child to comfortably enjoy his drink on the go and indoors without soiling his clothes. 

    ●    Silicone straw:
    Soft silicone straw with the protective cover remains clean while carrying it outside.

    ●    BPA Free:
    The Chicco Sports Cup is made of BPA Free material for maximum safety & hygiene.

    Product description:
    At around 14m+, the child becomes more active, moves around and plays, and hence requires proper hydration especially when he / she is outdoors. Plus the child also begins to learn to drink by sucking from a straw. Therefore, Chicco has designed Sports Cup that takes care of all these needs of the child at around 14M+ age. 

    It has a Soft silicone straw with flip closure to keep it clean. With an integrated spill-proof system, it is easy to use both indoors and outdoors. Light weight double wall insulated cup keeps drinks cooler, longer with no sweating. Thus, Chicco Sports Cup is a good choice for parents who are usually on the move with their child.

    The cup's practical design allows the child to effortlessly grip the cup while he learns to drink on the go. The soft silicone straw ensures that the liquid flows easily into the mouth of the child. Its lightweight cup makes it an ideal recommendation for daily usage, providing comfort to the child while drinking. It is available in beautiful colour decorations. 

    Consumer benefit:
    ●    Chicco Sports Cup is an ideal option for on the go drinking, which ensures that the child is adequately hydrated even when they are not at home. The Chicco Sports Cup takes care of all these child needs at the age of 14 months+.

    ●    Ensures Hygiene: The straw in the sports cup comes with a sliding closure to keep it clean and hygienic; 

    ●    Spill-proof mechanism: The Sports Cup as a whole, including its straw, the lid, and the overall body of the cup, is ergonomically designed to ensure that the child gets to drink with ease without spillage. 

    ●    Chicco Sports Cup has a practical design for a child-safe drinking method. The cup is easy to separate from its lid, which helps in the proper cleaning and sanitization process, making parents' life much easier while scrubbing and rinsing the cup.

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