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Teethers & Soothers

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    Chicco PhysioForma Comfort soother is made of silicone, a material chosen for its practicality, hygiene and non-deformable properties. The exclusive SOFT SENSE finish makes it soft and velvety.

    Product Features-

    ●    Extra ergonomic shape: Chicco soothers leave ample space for the baby's nose and chin area that facilitates easy movement and breathing by the baby  
    ●    Supports baby's breathing: PhysioForma is the exclusive Chicco shape that supports the physiological breathing of the baby by keeping the tongue in its natural position and thus creates an open airway for the baby to breathe properly. Designed in collaboration between Paediatricians, orthodontists, and Osservatorio Chicco- PhysioForma baby soothers are constantly tested and approved. They actively favour the correct development of the baby's mouth and help support the baby's breathing. It is made of silicone which is a hygienic and deformable material. 
    ●     Delicate on baby's face: The comfort soother has only 4 points of contact to ensure extreme gentleness on the baby's face. 
    ●    Vast space at the base of the teat: The teat is positioned to facilitate comfortable suckling by the baby by leaving the appropriate area to ensure the proper movement of the baby's lips. 
    ●    Practically sterilizing case: sanitize your Chicco soothers in only 3 minutes- The new sterilizing case allows you to sanitize the Chicco soothers in a microwave, killing 99.9% of harmful household germs. In only 3 minutes! Just follow these two simple steps: STEPS 1: fill water to the level line, place the baby soothers inside the case and close the lid. STEP 2: microwave for 3 minutes at 750 Watt. Please wait until all parts have cooled before touching them. You can keep the practical case always with you. 
    ●    Three different sizes: Available across 3 age groups - 0-6m, 6-16m, 16-36m: Made of BPA Free material. Made in Italy.

    Product Description-

    Chicco PhysioForma Comfort Soothers 0-6m:

    The Chicco PhysioForma Comfort 0-6m silicone pacifier has an exclusive shape. It favours the correct development of the baby's mouth and helps to position the tongue forward, to create an open airway, thus supporting physiological breathing. The PhysioForma comfort soother has an ergonomic shape with only 4 points of contact for an extreme gentleness on the baby's face. Chicco PhysioForma Comfort 0-6m is made of silicone, a material chosen for practicality, hygienic and non-deformable features. The exclusive SOFT SENSE finish makes it soft and velvety.

    Customers benefits:

    ●    The soother reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome ) in babies. 
    ●    The PhysioForma soothers play an essential role in the proper oral development of babies. These soothers perfectly fit in the baby's mouth. Also, it ensures the correct and uniformly distributed pressure of the tongue on the palate.
    ●    The chicco baby teat  is orthodontic. These are Physiologically designed with a shape and features which do not hamper the natural functions of the baby's mouth. 
    ●    Chicco soothers have a breast-like base which allows the baby to relax their lips upon it and feel the comfort of their mother's breast.
    ●    The tiny ridges present in the baby's soothers encourage the natural positioning of the tongue inside the mouth. 
    ●    The PhysioForma soothers have a different ergonomic shape that leaves a vast space for the baby's nose and chin. It facilitates breathing and movement.
    ●    The Chicco soothers have only 4 points of contact. The four points of reference are for extreme gentleness on the baby's face. Also, it facilitates the natural movement of the baby’s lips and mouth. 
    ●    The groove and angled shape of these soothers promote uniform distribution of tongue pressure. It favours the correct development of the palate in the baby's mouth.  
    ●    Plastics are very harmful to the health of the baby. So, the Chicco soothers are made of 100% BPA-free silicone material to ensure safety. 
    ●    The PhysioForma soothers are available in three different sizes: 0-6m, 6-16m, 16-36m to accompany across your baby's growth stages. 

    Chicco Baby Pacifiers: Good to know

    To best indulge the baby's instinct to suck, give him the right feeling to relax, promote correct oral development from the initial months of life: Chicco pacifiers are the most suitable accessory for a childhood dedicated to well-being. Practical, ergonomic and with an innovative design studied by Chicco and approved by dental experts, they give parents a great help to guarantee the child the calmness he needs during the day. Chicco's baby pacifier is offered in different types of models, for all needs: from ultralight pacifiers, for maximum comfort and ease of use for the baby, to models offered in different colors, with lively and inspired patterns. to the world of childhood.

    Find the right pacifier for your baby

    Every child is different, and the Chicco pacifier meets all the needs of the little ones: while sharing the PhysioForma ™ conformation, designed to favor the development of the mouth and palate, the pacifiers have different specificities. In fact, Chicco offers you models designed for different age groups, ideal for giving your little one the right accessory for each stage of his growth. The ergonomic products easily adapt to the baby's mouth, while the holes on the base help him in breathing and prevent the stagnation of saliva. Pacifiers 

    Safe products for children, with the innovative PhysioForma ™ design

    The pacifiers help the baby to position the tongue forward during sucking, thanks to the PhysioForma ™ feature developed by Chicco for the well-being of the newborn. The concave shape, the lateral curvature, and the reliefs on the teat in fact contribute to favoring physiological breathing and the harmonious development of the mouth in early infancy. A guarantee for your well-being and for the serenity of mum and dad.

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