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Chicco Bipack Well Being Bottle Blue - 150 ml

Chicco Bipack Well Being Bottle Blue - 150 ml

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    The Chicco Well-Being bottles are made of high-quality BPA Free polypropylene material that helps facilitate the baby's nutrition during the early months. Chicco Well-Being feeding bottles are perfect to use for a baby's daily feeding and are available in a wide selection across sizes and colours. Choose your favourite!

    Product Features –

    ●    Inspired by mother's nipple for a natural latch: The symmetrical, elongated, and flattened shape of the Physio teat (nipple) of Well-Being bottle has been inspired by the shape of the mother's nipple during the sucking phase. The physio teat (nipple) is designed to promote the peristaltic movement of the child's tongue. The physio teat adapts perfectly to the mouth of the baby and aids the natural way of sucking. It is available in four flow types that adapt to the baby's different stages of growth (Slow, Medium, Fast, and Food Flow)

    ●    Advanced Anti-Colic System: The Anti-Colic valve situated at the base of the teat (nipple) ensures perfect ventilation inside the bottle. It helps to prevent air ingestion while feeding, reducing the risk of Colic and regurgitation. Thus, it enables smooth, relaxed, and continuous feeding, thereby minimizing any discomfort to the baby during feeding. 

    ●    Soft Silicone Teat: The Physio teat (nipple) is made of 100% soft and hygienic silicone with a gentle sense finish to give the baby a pleasant and natural feeling while sucking. Thus, it helps in easy transitions between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding and vice versa. Chicco Well-Being Baby bottles are accepted by 9 out of 10 babies. 

    ●    Made Safe and Leakproof- At Chicco, baby's safety is our priority. That's why well-being bottles are made with BPA-free polypropylene material to ensure maximum protection and hygiene. Drip-proof cap and bottle gear guarantee safe closure and no leakage. 

    ●    Ergonomically Designed and Easy to use:  The Chicco Feeding bottle has been ergonomically designed. It helps the baby comfortably hold the bottle with their tiny hands. Also, the wide neck design of bottles makes it easy to fill and clean, offering convenience to the parents. 

    Product Description-

    Chicco Well-Being Feeding Bottle 150ml Bi- Pack Slow Flow:

    Chicco well-Being feeding bottle is the perfect choice for baby's feeding. Thanks to its special Physio teat, the Chicco well-being feeding bottle provides the baby with a comfortable and relaxed feeding experience, letting the baby drink at his own pace. The mother's nipple has inspired the shape of the Well-Being bottle's Physio teat to respect the natural sucking movement and helps in easy transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The advanced anti-colic valve situated at the base of the teat helps prevent air ingestion while feeding and ensures continuous milk flow thus helps protect the baby from Colic, regurgitation (spitting-up), and irritability. Designed such that baby’s little hands easily grasp around the bottle. For parent’s ease, the bottle has a wide neck design, which provides easy and quick filling and is effortless to wash. Drip poof cap and bottle gear ensures safe closure and no leakage from the bottle. Made of BPA free polypropylene material, the Well-Being feeding bottles are safe and ideal for baby’s everyday feeding routine.

    Consumer benefits: 

    Chicco Well-Being baby feeding bottles are the best feeding bottles for babies. 

    ●    The Well-Being bottles offer an Advanced anti-colic system. It prevents the air from getting mixed with the baby's feed, thus helps protect the baby from Colic, regurgitation (spit-up), and irritability. 
    ●    The shape of the Physio teat in Chicco Well-Being feeding bottles respects the baby's natural sucking movement and fits perfectly into the baby's mouth, thanks to its flat, elongated, and symmetrical shape inspired by the shape of the mother's nipple.   
    ●    The Physio teat provides the baby with a natural and pleasant sensation while feeding as it is made of 100% hygienic silicone material with a soft sense texture.
    ●    The Well-Being bottle is designed in a manner such that the baby's tiny hands easily grasp around the bottle. 
    ●    The bottle has a wide neck design for parent's ease, which provides easy and quick filling and is effortless to wash. Drip-proof cap and bottle gear ensure safe closure and no leakage from the bottle. 
    ●    The Chicco well-being feeding bottles are made of BPA-free polypropylene material; the Well-Being feeding bottles are safe and ideal for a baby's everyday feeding routine.

     Maintenance and hygiene of feeding bottle:

    Parents must ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of the baby's feeding bottle. Some important points are shared below as guidance.

    ●    Always use this product under the supervision of an adult. Clean the feeding bottle and its parts before first use.
    ●    Carefully inspect the teat before each use by pulling its tip in all directions. Do not use it and replace it immediately if there are signs of wear and tear or damage.
    ●    It is recommended to replace teats at least every two months or earlier if signs of wear and tear, swelling, colour changes, or if it becomes sticky.
    ●    Disassemble all the parts of the feeding bottle before washing.
    ●    Before using the product, wash all the parts (especially the teat) by hand using standard washing liquid. Rinse thoroughly and dry carefully with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive or aggressive products. Then place the feeding bottle with all its parts into boiling water for 5 minutes. Allow to cool down before use.
    ●    As soon as you have finished using the feeding bottle, wash it along with all its parts using standard washing liquid. Please do not turn the teat inside out to clean it as this may damage it. Use a teat brush, making sure you do not damage the teat valve or the hole through which the milk flows.
    ●    All Chicco feeding bottles can be disinfected using cold methods, i.e., with specific liquid disinfectants; by using hot methods (with steam provided by electric disinfection devices or disinfection devices that are used in standard or microwave ovens) or traditional 5 minute boiling on the stove. 
    ●    Make sure you have washed your hands thoroughly before handling the feeding bottle and its various parts after disinfection has been completed.

    Important Note: Please read the instruction manual carefully provided within the feeding bottle mono-carton and keep it with you for future reference.

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