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Chicco Natural Sensation 4 in 1 Nappy Cream - 100 ml

Chicco Natural Sensation 4 in 1 Nappy Cream - 100 ml

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    Natural Sensation is a complete line of products designed to cleanse, protect and nourish baby skin, inspired by what nature has developed for said purposes, namely vernix caseosa that coats the infant’s body at birth.


    Prevents & Protects: PREVENTS skin irritations and reddening caused by external agents. PROTECTS effectively by creating a barrier effect on the skin that also leaves it free to breath.

    Soothes & Repairs: SOOTHES the skin from the first use.REPAIRS the skin by strengthening the natural defences and encouraging the natural skin barrier regeneration process.

    Inspired from Vernix Caseosa: Composed especially of water (80%), it contains several protective, moisturizing substances and performs a remarkable barrier effect on skin.

    Authentic way to take care of Babies’ Skin: Natural Sensation is an authentic way to take care of babies’ skin, approved by dermatologists and pediatricians and that Chicco has learned from nature.

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