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Chicco Teat Naturalfeeling - 2 Pieces 6+ Food

Chicco Teat Naturalfeeling - 2 Pieces 6+ Food

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    The Chicco  NaturalFeeling teat is a Silicone teat that helps replicate the natural and spontaneous attachment to the mother's breast. The Exclusive teat with a rounded base supports a comfortable position and natural latch for a growing baby. 

    Key features of the product:
    ●    Exclusive Test (Nipple): It is always full of milk and allows a natural latch and sucking, just like mother’s breast. It favours a comfortable position for new-borns and the different flow type makes it ideal for growing babies. Its teat helps in easy transition between breast and bottle feeding** . ** Consumer test, 100 mums and babies, 0-6 moths, Italy, 2016.
    ●    Protection from colic: The double anti-colic valve at the base of the teat prevents ingestion of air and guarantees maximum protection from colic, spit-up, and any discomfort to the baby while feeding
    ●    Silicon Mum Effect – Teat made of soft silicone:  The exclusive finishing makes the teat extra smooth and pleasant. Soft and elastic silicone teat for an easy switch between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding and vice versa. 
    ●    They are accepted Immediately: Accepted immediately by 96% of babies. 
    Description of the product:
    Chicco's NaturalFeeling teats allows to replicate the natural and instinctive attachment to the mother's breast. The Exclusive teat with rounded base supports comfortable position and natural latch for growing babies. The Chicco NaturalFeeling Fast Flow Teat is ideal to feed babies at 6M+. Thanks to the double anti-colic valve at the base of the teat, the Natural Feeling 6M + fast Flow teat helps prevent the ingestion of air during sucking, the main cause of colic and ensures continuous milk flow thereby reducing the risk of colic after feeding . The different flow types of teats allow to adapt with the needs of the baby as per his age (0+, 2+, 6+). From the angled teat for growing babies to the elongated teat for growing babies, you can choose the one that suits your baby's needs.

    ●    Chicco designed the NaturalFeeling teat to make bottle feeding simple, calming, and natural as breastfeeding for both you and your infant. 
    ●    The different flow types of teats help you adjust to your baby's needs as he grows  (0M+, 2M+, 6M+). 
    ●    It provides the most relaxed way to use the bottle, ensuring ease for both you and your baby in a comfortable position.
    ●    The NaturalFeeling teat has a flexible, satin-textured silicone nipple and a smooth, rounded, breast-like base for a natural latch. 
    ●    A fast flow teat, combined with dual anti-colic valves prevents the air from mixing with the feed and thereby minimizing colic and regurgitation. 
    ●    The teat is BPA free and made of food grade material.

    Instructions for use:
    ●    Before first use, clean the product and place the components in boiling water for 5 minutes. This is to ensure hygiene.
    ●    Cool the teat to room temperature before use.
    ●    Make sure that the teat is fitted correctly on the feeding bottle cap ring, by pulling its tip upwards.
    ●    Make sure the cap ring is screwed correctly onto the feeding bottle to avoid any leakage.

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