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Chicco Rattle Keys

Chicco Rattle Keys

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Baby Rattles

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    The Chicco's easy grasp rattles are lightweight and helps the baby to make hand and eye coordination. The ergonomic shape and three things make it easy for the baby to hold and play. As your baby grows, this Chicco Rattle easy grasp bear helps them to play and learn. It becomes the best companion for your little ones as they grow. As a parent, you can surprise your baby with the favourite Chicco Easy Grasp Rattles.

     Features of the product
    ●    Light and straightforward: The rattle toys are designed and developed with soft materials. Therefore they are lightweight and easy for the baby to hold and play with.
    ●     Shape: The rattle has an ergonomic shape with three rings to play with.
    ●    Manual coordination: The shape of cute little animals helps the child to grasp an object and shake.
    ●    Hand-eye coordination: The rattle improves hand-eye coordination as he or she will respond to the sound and movement of rattle rings.
    ●    100% safety: The rattles are made of BPA-free ABS plastic of non-toxic, eco-friendly material. It is safe for children to get it in their mouth or chew on it.
    ●    Development toys: The rattle toy for babies helps develop a baby's sensory, motor, and hand-eye coordination skills.
    ●    Sound helps to soothe the baby: Attractive and sweet sounds will show up on shaking the rattle. It is a valuable and essential toy for parents to soothe the baby.
    ●    Perfect size for little hands: The baby rattle toys are big enough, which avoids swallowing mistakes. It has an ideal size for little hands to grasp.

    Product Description
    Chicco Easy Grasp Rattle belong to the Rattle toys category. They are an incentive for your baby to develop their grasping technique. These light and easy-to-grasp rattles stimulate hand coordination. They have an ergonomic shape and three hanging rings to play with. They can also be used as a multipurpose toy for babies. While playing with the rattle, the babies touch and feel the toys. It helps them to discover the difference between soft and hard substances.

    Playing and learning: Chicco provides a wide range of rattle toys for babies to play and develop their skills.
    Specifically developed: Rattle toys are designed specifically for the amusement of infants.
    Feature various colours, textures, and shapes: They have an ergonomic shape and three hanging rings to play with. They are available in different colours to add to the interest level for the child.
      Suitable for different age group infants: From 3 months and above.
    Consumer benefits
    ●    Lightweight and easy to grasp: These rattles are light and easy for the baby to learn and stimulate manual coordination skills. Rattle toys keep them busy by holding them and playing with them.
    ●    Contrasting solid colours help develop vision: With vibrant colours and ergonomic shapes, the babies get attracted to it and love to play with them. Babies follow the objects with bright colours, and this helps in visual development.
    ●    Helpful in the teething period: These rattles are also suitable for the child during the teething period.
    ●     Non-toxic: The toys are made with non-toxic material to avoid any harm to the baby.
    ●    Relief in sore gums and pain: Chicco Easy Grasp Rattle are beneficial to parents to relieve sore gums and pain in babies.
    ●    Cognitive development: While playing through rattle toys, babies learn to crawl, walk and talk. These toys are attractive and make sounds that help in the physical and cognitive development of babies. 

    About Chicco Rattle Toys:

    Chicco offers a wide range of rattle toys with different shapes and sizes for the babies to play with. The rattle toys by Chicco are entirely safe for babies. The soft plastic makes it lightweight so that the baby can grasp the rattle quickly and easily. With Chicco Rattle toys, babies can play safely and explore them with hands and mouth. These rattles can keep a baby engaged for hours. The different rattles by Chicco include:

    · Rattle easy grasp bear
    · Rattle easy grasp elephant
    · Rattle easy grasp keys
    · Rattle easy grasp ring
    · Rattle train 123

    We put our passion and expertise to ensure that the baby enjoys every moment with the toys. Chicco offers toys to suit the baby's needs. The rattle toys are the first toys of the babies and hence are loved by the babies. The vibrant colour of the rattle toys attracts the babies towards them. Playing is the essential activity that allows the baby to develop their grasping and earning abilities. Through play, the child develops their skills, learns, and grows. Choose from the wide range of rattle toys by Chicco and give your baby a playtime full of colourful toys with no choking hazards. We maintain the quality and standard of the baby toys and teethers. We ensure that the products are not only innovative but are helpful in the growth of babies. Different rattle toys are available from the Chicco and can be selected as per the parents' preference.

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