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Bouncers Rockers & Swings

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    Relax&Play, a swing that ensures both comfort and safety of your baby. Chicco swings, cuddles, relaxes and entertains your little one!
    The Baby Swing by Chicco is compact, foldable, easy to store, easy to clean, making it a perfect choice for babies and parents. A complete swing, with automatic movement and many sounds that takes up little space.

    Product Features:
    1.    Automatic swing mode
    2.    Compact folding
    3.    Toy bar and music
    4.    Adjustable seat
    5.    Removable and washable seat pad

    ●    Automatic swing mode with adjustable Configurations for Different Situations: 
    With a baby swing at home, you'll don't have to spend your entire day and night keeping your baby engaged. Instead, the baby swing will automatically save the baby entertained while you can work off your daily chores in the meanwhile. The Chicco baby swing comes with two adjustable positions providing complete comfort and rest for the child. 

    ●    Compact folding:
    The baby swing is a space saver which becomes much more compact after folding, making it easier to store when not in use. In addition, it does not occupy much space making it an easy-to-use product for the little one.

    ●    Convenient and straightforward with removable and washable seat pad:
    The baby swing by Chicco is super easy to use. It comes with a Padded seat, along with which a removable pillow has also been provided for extra comfort of the little one. The pad can be use or instead removed when not required. While the removable cushion can be cleaned using simple methods at home, the padded seat is also washable. The seat can be compatible with handwashing to ensure proper cleaning for the child's health and hygiene. While the child is safe and secure, it can also be put aside easily when not in use, saving the space for other things to move around. The simple and convenient design of the swing also helps the baby to take short naps during the day without much effort being put in by the parents. The method of the baby swing is free standing when folded.

    ●    Toy bar and music:
    The baby swing also does not compromise with the baby's playtime and entertainment. It comes with two plush toys and 12 varied melodies attached to it, helping the baby stimulate his senses.

    Product Description:
    The new Relax & Play swing by Chicco is an automatic rocking movement swing that cradles the baby keeping him calm and relaxed. Baby swing designed by Chicco comes with varied features that keep your baby more comfortable and entertained. The baby swing is powered by batteries providing automatic swings, which can turn into five speeds. The baby swing does not occupy much space; it is also easy to fold when not in use which helps to store it aside easily. It also ensures that the baby is safe while being inside the swing with the help of a 5- points belt attached to it. The padded seat comes with a removable pillow to always ensure that little one can stay in comfort. In addition, the seat pad can be hand washed so that the child can remain in a spotless environment. Chicco baby swing will make the life of new parents much more accessible and keep your baby happy.
    ●    Secure and safe:
    Baby swing by Chicco is convenient for new parents when you know that you can quickly put the baby in the swing with confidence that your little one is entirely safe inside it while enjoying his swinging time. However, because the child doesn't have complete control of his movements, he needs extra care and attention. And to ensure that the child is safe in the swing, Chicco has designed the swing with five points-belts to ensure maximum safety.

    ●    Available in Cool colour grey:
    The baby swing is available in cool grey, which is very soothing to the eyes.

    Consumer benefits:
    Chicco has designed a baby swing to make new parents' lives much more accessible, ensuring that the baby rests in comfort and not just swings but also plays and relaxes in the swing chair. 
    ●    The swinging mode of the Chicco Baby Swing can also help the baby to sleep without any trouble. 
    ●    However, the 12 melodies system attached to the baby swing ensures that the baby can enjoy playtime with amusement. 
    ●    Chicco baby swing comes with several features that do not compromise comfort and the child's safety. 
    ●    It serves its primary usage with utmost simplicity by helping the baby remain calm and keeping him entertained while he is awake. 
    ●    The automatic swinging motions keep the baby relaxed, giving some time to the parents to manage other messes spread around the house.

    Good to know:
    A cranky baby is not much easy to calm, which bothers the parents and the child. At this time, swinging the baby in your arms for hours continuously can be very exhausting. In such times it is advised that replicating the womb environment for the baby can be very helpful to make him calm. A swinging motion can help the baby get the sensation similar to inside the mother's tummy, letting him experience the same comfort. Here steps in the mechanical swings as comfort for the baby and blessing for the parents. While the baby can relax and even play in the swing, parents can also get to sit down for some time and relax their minds. 

    Compact baby swings guarantee maximum comfort to the baby whether they are sleeping or when playing. Relaxing swing along with soothing music and gentle vibrations calm the baby. Comes with hanging toys to keep the baby engaged and entertained when awake.

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